Our culture remains centered around the care, compassion, dignity, and safety we offer our residents. Cardinal exists to provide top quality accommodations and personal service and support to our residents and customers.

We truly value our employees. Though the needs of residents, clients, and members are always our number one priority, we work to be responsive to the needs of our employees as well. We offer development opportunities for growth and learning. Every month we also recognize an “Employee of the Month” that goes above and beyond for all of us with BIG CHECK and some celebration!

There are many different jobs within our staff family and every employee is a valued member of the team. We all work together in a spirit of friendly cooperation and service.

Please visit any of our locations to learn about our open positions and fill out our application for employment.

Employee of the Month

Providing love, dignity and respect to our residents requires a total team effort. Every department from nursing, dietary, transportation, maintenance and administration working together to provide care for residents. Every team has their MVP’s and our “Employee of the Month” is our chance to honor those who have given so much to the seniors in our community.

Share a story and nominate a member of our team today. Our recipients of the award create a great group of super heroes, and they are our super friends!

Nominate an Employee